Honours Bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto with an Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College. Studied Visual Culture and Communication, English, Psychology and Art and Art History with additional studies in design, drawing, painting, and sculpture with a specialization in Photography.
​​​​​​Brittany is a Dutch and Native Indian artist who grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and later moved to Detroit, Michigan. She now resides in Mississauga, Ontario.

Her artistic process focuses on the importance of play in adults: learning, growing, self-acceptance, and confidence. Brittany says, "art isn't pictures... it really is someone's soul and outlook on life and themselves. And that vulnerability is so valuable - I live for that." Her creativity is fueled by her love to inspire and empower. She believes that by openly expressing her own inner world, this creates communal space for others to express their own thoughts and emotions and offers a sense of community. 
Her original paintings are created both from her imagination and from the world around her, focusing upon the wildness of nature and the uniform nature of modernity. The integration of both worlds, creates a surreal space that captures both the familiar and unfamiliar, which allows her to romanticize and beautify the tensions between thought and emotion while portraying her own personality. ​​​​​​​
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